“Red Army” Documentary Illuminates Soviet Perspective Of The “Miracle On Ice”


Everyone knows the story of the “Miracle on Ice,” the United States stunning victory over the Soviet juggernaut of a hockey team during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, whether you witnessed it or have relived the Disney-fied version. The Soviets were/are an easy target during the Cold War; … Get hard

S&M & Butterflies In Uncomfortable Mind-Trip “The Duke of Burgundy”


Unless you’re an avid butterfly enthusiast, you’d be forgiven for thinking The Duke of Burgundy was a film about French aristocracy by its title. Instead, a duke of burgundy is a European butterfly, and Peter Strickland’s mind trip of a movie chronicles the tawdry, uncomfortable S&M-laden relationship of two women, Cynthia (Sidse … Get hard

Like Life, “Mommy” Transcends The Misery


This isn’t an easy movie. It’s not supposed to be, and more movies should be like Mommy, even if the experience is terrifying, uncomfortable and miserable. It’s also hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring, sometimes in spite of yourself. The film itself is fearless, even if its characters are consumed by it. … Get hard

“88″ Is 88 Minutes Too Long


I was the perfect audience for this movie. I’ve loved Katharine Isabelle in Being Human and Hannibal; she’s an actress who routinely subverts expectations based off her diminutive stature and friendly small-town waitress good looks to play angry, damaged and dangerous women. On the surface, her role as Gwen in … Get hard

My 10 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films of 2015


Because David and I are apparently clones straight outta Project Leda, while I was feverishly culling a list of my top ten most anticipated sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies from io9′s massive genre calendar, David was doing the exact same thing. Like Rambo, he struck first blood, in a post you … Get hard

“Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles” Only Scratches The Surface Of A Perplexing Cinematic God


It’s impossible to capture a fraction of the enigmatic filmmaker Orson Welles in 900 minutes, let alone 90 minutes, but Chuck Workman’s documentary attempts to do just that, boiling his life and career into five chapters (1915-1941: The Boy Wonder, 1942-1949: The Outsider, 1950-1957: The Gypsy, 1958 to 1966: The … Get hard

“Pioneer” Is A Queasy-Great Norwegian Take On A 1970′s Political Thriller


In the 1970’s, oil was discovered in the North Sea off the shore of Norway. It was a potential goldmine…but the oil was in such deep waters that it required state of the art technology for divers to even survive being down there. The Americans were, of course, happy to help … Get hard

Out Now: “Antarctica: A Year On Ice,” A Dreamy Glimpse Into What’s Left of Earth’s Innocence


You’ve already sobbed through Big Hero 6. You’ve already seen Mockingjay or Interstellar, or were scared away by middling reviews. You still want to go to the theaters, to escape family or whatever awful thing is happening in the news this week. I recommend searching out Anthony Powell’s Antarctica: A Year On Ice, an absolutely beautiful documentary … Get hard

“The Mule” Is The Best Movie About Constipation Ever Made


Well, except for this Czech Activia ad or this French Dulcolax spot, but it’s just as uncomfortable. And it’s 100 minutes long, rather than a 30 second commercial. Unless you love poop dramas, you’re checking out The Mule for its cast, a fun mix of Australian’s finest. You’re coming to see John Noble crunch dialogue … Get hard

Gillian Jacobs & Leighton Meester Shine In Painfully Real & Awkward “Life Partners”


In many ways, it’s comforting and exciting that Life Partners exists: a genuinely funny comedy about two female friends that doesn’t involve a wedding or fighting over guys. Plus, it’s a smorgasbord of incredible talent, with Community’s Gillian Jacobs and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester possessing a stranglehold on the two leads, … Get hard

Even in Daft Punk-Era France, EDM Isn’t An ‘Eden,’ But Mia Hansen-Løve’s Movie Is


I *gasp* like EDM. I actually listen to it while writing, because its synthbeats are familiar, and its lack of lyrics are less distracting (I’m less likely to sing along to Knife Party than T-Swift). Before I left Seattle for LA, I was a bystander to the rave scene, finding … Get hard

Timothy Spall Shines In “Mr. Turner,” A Two And A Half Hour Ode to Human Flatulence


Every couple years, director Mike Leigh (Another Year; Vera Drake) delivers a delightfully British drama, oftentimes mined from history (Topsy-Turvy). This year brings Mr. Turner, a dour biopic illuminating the life of Joseph Mallard William Turner, one of the finest landscape painters (with a nautical obsession; Orlando Bloom’s character name … Get hard