“The Witch” Is More Than Just a Great Horror Movie, It’s Great Period

I’ve been hearing about how terrifying and incredible The Witch (or The VVitch) is since last year’s Sundance Film Festival, when writer-director Robert Eggers won the U.S. directing award for his indie horror film. It’s oftentimes hard for a movie to withstand that kind of hype, but I managed to maneuver around spoilers, … Get hard

“The Hallow” Continues Gnarly Indie Horror Trend

I got a late start to the horror game. When I was younger, I was derisive of the genre, which is code for being too chicken shit to explore it. Sure, I grew up watching Universal horror with my father and Uncle, but it wasn’t until the past couple years … Get hard

Kit Harington On “Game of Thrones,” “Testament of Youth” and Type-Casting

“I think there’s something weird going on with music at the moment,” Kit Harington muses, lowering his voice an octave, as if talking to himself and not a cadre of reporters recording his every word. Jon Snow has just discovered Spotify. He continues, leaning forward: “And I’m part of it. … Get hard

“Game of Thrones” Star Rose Leslie Talks “Honeymoon”

Aside from being one of the very best shows on television, Game of Thrones has helped launch the careers of many incredible actors and propelled others to stardom, introducing American audiences to a slew of them. One of my favorites is Rose Leslie, who played the stubborn badass archer kissed-by-fire, Ygritte, across … Get hard

A Disturbing, Doomed Relationship Saves “Honeymoon” From Its Stock Premise

Stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Rose Leslie! Honeymoon, as you might expect, is about a couple of newlyweds. Through their wedding video, intercut with a car driving up to a cabin in the woods, we’re in love with them as much as they are with each other. … Get hard

Random Rankings: 10 Things To Watch Now That “Game of Thrones” Has Ended

Right now you’d be in your arm chair, a mug of beer in tow, watching the newest installment of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES. Unfortunately, you won’t be doing that this Sunday night. GAME OF THRONES’ fourth season was probably its best yet, which is an impressive statement, since the first three seasons were essentially … Get hard

“Knights of Badassdom” Blu-Ray Review

For many, the LARP subplot in ROLE MODELS was their first exposure to Live Action Role Playing, a “real life” version of Dungeons & Dragons, getting dice rolling fanatics out into the fresh air. And it not only was rife with hilarity, but made us all want to play it. … Get hard