Joshua Jackson Tackles the Truth in “The Affair” Season 2

I met Pacey. This past summer I was granted the opportunity to cover a few panels at the TCA’s, the Television Critics Association’s never-ending trolley of gift bags, unhealthy food and forced awkward panels discussing the new and old shows coming this fall: The Muppets! The Walking Dead Grey’s Anatomy! Tyra Banks’ Fab Life, … Get hard

Andy’s Creek or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “Dawson’s Creek”

Note: As long as you avoid the song videos below, there really aren’t any Dawson’s Creek spoilers in the following. Dawson’s Creek is my favorite television show. That’s no secret; it invariably comes up in less time than it takes to pee. My life is inextricably linked with my favorite residents … Get hard

Liverpool and Liverpudlians

Day 10: Thursday October 20th, 2011 Slang of the day: Sponge. Origin: England. Definition: idiot, moron. Used in a sentence: After a week and a half of travelling I felt like a sponge. As recommended by Dodge, I checked out a breakfast place called Truffles. The Welsh rarebit (pronounced rabbit confusingly) … Get hard