2014 Fall TV Power Rankings, Round 1

TV has become a year-round affair that’s nearly impossible to keep track of, with most of the best and our favorite shows airing anywhere but fall (Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Orphan Black, True Detective, Parks and Recreation). Aside from The Walking Dead, is there a must-watch show premiering this fall? Probably not, but I watched … Get hard

SDCC: “Hannibal” Panel

Why is anybody leaving the room right now? NBC’s Hannibal is part of the holy triumvirate of TV shows right now (Orphan Black and Game of Thrones complete the trifecta). We get a recap of Hannibal, and the video just gave me goosebumps. SO GOOD. And it has a glimpse of season 3: Hannibal on … Get hard

SDCC: “Community” Panel

Who or what is Yahoo! Screen and can we trust it? That is the question all human beings in Greendale and beyond are wondering right about now. Hopefully, this panel starts to answer that question, as we approach #sixseasonsandamovie and Community’s SDCC panel. I feel like when it was first … Get hard

SDCC Preview Night: “Constantine” Pilot Review

Before even watching an episode, Constantine has a lot of baggage. He’s a wildly popular comic book character that has already been royally screwed up, by being made into a Keanu Reeves movie. Not many movies made after 2000 can boast surviving that curse. Also, most nuggets about the show’s … Get hard

When Did “Grimm” Get Awesome?

SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3 of GRIMM await. Tonight, the third season of GRIMM reaches its conclusion, with Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding and the promise of some tragic event, along with some sort of conclusion with the craziness revolving around Prince Viktor, Adalind and her baby, the three (!!) Grimm’s, and probably … Get hard

WonderCon: Interviews With “Revolution’s” Stephen Collins & Rockne S. O’Bannon

WonderCon coverage continues, as I got a chance to sit down as a part of a round table interview with actor Stephen Collins (7th Heaven, Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and then with writer/executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon. I also covered the Revolution panel, and have a similarly formatted interview with star Elizabeth Mitchell. In other words, it was … Get hard

WonderCon 2014: “Revolution” Elizabeth Mitchell Roundtable Interview

Elizabeth Mitchell is a wonderful human being. We’ve known and loved her since she burst onto the scene of LOST as Juliette, and gave Sawyer (and us) someone to fall in love with. But she’s been all over the map, with V, ER and even Santa Clause 2 on her varied and impressive resume. She currently lights up … Get hard

WonderCon 2014: “Revolution” Panel

The first season of NBC’s Revolution was one of the more frustrating TV experiences I had last year. The second season brought with it many changes, including new cast members, a massively different status quo, a shift in tone, and a different stable of writers in the writer’s room working with creator and … Get hard

Movie Drinking Game: “Sudden Death” Version

There might be some misconceptions about this one and googling “sudden death” is a risky proposition, especially with the rash of untimely and tragic celebrity deaths recently. Unfortunately, I cannot teach you how to avoid sudden death, as the book above purports (for 25 cents, no less!). Nor am I talking … Get hard