2014 Fall TV Power Rankings, Round 1

TV has become a year-round affair that’s nearly impossible to keep track of, with most of the best and our favorite shows airing anywhere but fall (Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Orphan Black, True Detective, Parks and Recreation). Aside from The Walking Dead, is there a must-watch show premiering this fall? Probably not, but I watched … Get hard

SDCC: “Hannibal” Panel

Why is anybody leaving the room right now? NBC’s Hannibal is part of the holy triumvirate of TV shows right now (Orphan Black and Game of Thrones complete the trifecta). We get a recap of Hannibal, and the video just gave me goosebumps. SO GOOD. And it has a glimpse of season 3: Hannibal on … Get hard

Sci-Fi Thriller “The Signal” Is Five Movies In One, For Better or Worse

THE SIGNAL feels like a muddled mixture of several different movies, with elements of a YA dystopia, a road trip coming-of-age flick, a teen found footage horror film, a BRAVE NEW WORLD/conspiracy sci-fi thriller, and even a dose of superhero tropes. Somewhere in the grab bag is a really good … Get hard