2014 Fall TV Power Rankings, Round 1

TV has become a year-round affair that’s nearly impossible to keep track of, with most of the best and our favorite shows airing anywhere but fall (Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Orphan Black, True Detective, Parks and Recreation). Aside from The Walking Dead, is there a must-watch show premiering this fall? Probably not, but I watched … Get hard

SDCC: “24: Live Another Day” Panel

Day 1 of San Diego is about to begin. I’ll be liveblogging for as long as sketchy WIFI and fickle battery life persists. Lucky you. First up is the first and last 24 panel. I haven’t watched the show since maybe season 3, and I’ve probably seen less than a full day … Get hard

WonderCon 2014: “The Maze Runner” Panel

Every month there’s a new YA sensation turned movie franchise, and most end up a bust, like The Mortal Instruments or Divergent (though those will likely spawn sequels anyway). Others, like The Hunger Games, prove worthy of all the attention and praise. FOX’s The Maze Runner aims to join Katniss … Get hard

WonderCon 2014: Dylan O’Brien and Company Talk “The Maze Runner”

The Maze Runner is the next big YA adaptation to hit theaters. On September 14th, when Wesley Ball’s film comes to the big screen, we’ll know if it’s the next Hunger Games, or the next Mortal Instruments, The Host or Beautiful Creatures. FOX clearly has high hopes for the potential franchise, as it became one of its … Get hard

Interview: Frank Pavich, Director of “Jodorowsky’s Dune”

Most of us have heard of DUNE, if not read Frank Herbert’s philosophical masterpiece. Whether we’ve seen David Lynch’s nutty film, we’re at least aware that Sting and Patrick Stewart both starred in the disaster, and that spice (a hallucinogenic drug) plays an enormous role in the plot. You might … Get hard