“88” Is 88 Minutes Too Long

I was the perfect audience for this movie. I’ve loved Katharine Isabelle in Being Human and Hannibal; she’s an actress who routinely subverts expectations based off her diminutive stature and friendly small-town waitress good looks to play angry, damaged and dangerous women. On the surface, her role as Gwen in … Get hard


In the recent weeks since coddling my broken heart post-annual-Buffython, I’ve marathoned LUTHER, tried again unsuccessfully to get into ROBIN HOOD, got through HEMLOCK GROVE (and totally fell off the bandwagon because WTF is that show?!), caught up with TRUE BLOOD (still not sure why. I was a season behind … Get hard

SDCC: “Hannibal” Panel

Why is anybody leaving the room right now? NBC’s Hannibal is part of the holy triumvirate of TV shows right now (Orphan Black and Game of Thrones complete the trifecta). We get a recap of Hannibal, and the video just gave me goosebumps. SO GOOD. And it has a glimpse of season 3: Hannibal on … Get hard