Film Edumacation: Italian Road Movie “Il Sorpasso” Is Everything

Tonight, April 10th, is your last chance to catch IL SORPASSO in theatres at the wonderful Cinefamily on Fairfax in West Hollywood. The last encore performance starts at 7:30 PM. Don’t miss it if you have the opportunity to see it! I love movies. No matter what’s happening in my life (or … Get hard

“Go With Le Flo” Review

Florian (the bubbly Denis Aubert) is half-German, half-French, and lives in Berlin, owning a French salami shop called “Le Flo.” Florian is an excitable romantic, and when the movie begins, announces that he’s in love, that he’s found the one, following a montage in which many other former loves end … Get hard

David Gordon Green’s “Joe” Review: Call It A Cageback

Over the last decade, Nicolas Cage has devolved into a punchline, almost of his own devising, picking and choosing movies as if he was asking for ridicule, as if he can’t live without mediocrity. His resume is inexplicable; his career is an enigma, the idea of which was mined brilliantly … Get hard

Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce Ruin Lives: “Breathe In” Review

The Reynolds family, on the surface, appears to be happy, strong, and loving. Keith (IRON MAN 3’s Guy Pearce) and Megan (GONE BABY GONE’s Amy Ryan) are happily married, and have a champion swimmer daughter Lauren (THAT AWKWARD MOMENT’s Mackenzie Davis). But, appearances are deceiving, one of the motifs bursting at the … Get hard

“Knights of Badassdom” Blu-Ray Review

For many, the LARP subplot in ROLE MODELS was their first exposure to Live Action Role Playing, a “real life” version of Dungeons & Dragons, getting dice rolling fanatics out into the fresh air. And it not only was rife with hilarity, but made us all want to play it. … Get hard

Film Edumacation: Miyazaki Marathon, “The Castle of Cagliostro”

Hayao Miyazaki is a pillar of film, no matter how you look at it, and his accomplishments stand up to anyone in the medium, animated or live action. His Studio Ghibli films are one of the most important and revered cultural institutions of Japan, where he stands alongside and in equal … Get hard

Interview: Frank Pavich, Director of “Jodorowsky’s Dune”

Most of us have heard of DUNE, if not read Frank Herbert’s philosophical masterpiece. Whether we’ve seen David Lynch’s nutty film, we’re at least aware that Sting and Patrick Stewart both starred in the disaster, and that spice (a hallucinogenic drug) plays an enormous role in the plot. You might … Get hard

Film Edumacation: “Time After Time” (1979)

Until last night, TIME AFTER TIME merely meant one of the greatest songs of all-time. Now, after watching the gloriously cheesy, dated but vigorously acted and hilarious 35th anniversary screening of TIME AFTER TIME (1979), it’s alongside BACK TO THE FUTURE as one of the most delightful time travel movies ever … Get hard