“Spider-Man 2” Could’ve Been Amazing, But Was Better Than Expected

SPOILERS FOR THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 AWAIT THOSE WHO READ ON When THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was first announced, I was one of the bigger sympathizers, and most open-minded among the blogosphere, thanks mostly to the impeccable casting and interesting choice of Marc Webb as the director. I loved THE AMAZING … Get hard

Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce Ruin Lives: “Breathe In” Review

The Reynolds family, on the surface, appears to be happy, strong, and loving. Keith (IRON MAN 3’s Guy Pearce) and Megan (GONE BABY GONE’s Amy Ryan) are happily married, and have a champion swimmer daughter Lauren (THAT AWKWARD MOMENT’s Mackenzie Davis). But, appearances are deceiving, one of the motifs bursting at the … Get hard