“The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?” Is Tantalizing “What If?” For Movie Nerds

Life presents an infinite number of questions, but perhaps none more provocative and poignant than “What if?” What if I didn’t run that red light? What if I had gone to that concert with Cait freshman year? “What if?” scenarios can plague us, paralyze us and dull us into a … Get hard

“The Wicker Man” Drinking Game

I might be one of the few schmucks of my generation that, until recently, had only seen the original WICKER MAN that starred Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt, and not the vacuous, craptastic, incredible, life-changing Nicolas Cage remake from 2006. Now I can proudly claim that my eyes have beheld … Get hard

David Gordon Green’s “Joe” Review: Call It A Cageback

Over the last decade, Nicolas Cage has devolved into a punchline, almost of his own devising, picking and choosing movies as if he was asking for ridicule, as if he can’t live without mediocrity. His resume is inexplicable; his career is an enigma, the idea of which was mined brilliantly … Get hard