Seals, Stop-Motion & Blood, Oh My: The Incredible SEEfest Animated Shorts

Over the past week, the South East European Film Festival has come to Los Angeles, taking over a slew of the most blissfully independent theatres in the area. This is going to sound like a first-world problem, but living in LA, you lose track of film festivals: there’s so many. … Get hard

I Don’t Know How He Did It, But Joss Whedon Saved “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”

After three years and four movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron has arrived. I’ll admit, going in, I was nervous for the film, forever worried that Marvel Studios’ bubble might pop. It certainly stretches the seams here, but rest assured, Marvel’s insane streak continues, thanks in large part to Joss Whedon. Avengers 2 isn’t … Get hard

Kristen Wiig Is Fearless in Unpredictable “Welcome to Me”

When I first heard about Welcome to Me, a movie from director Shira Piven (Fully Loaded) that defies characterization, I talked with a friend about star Kristen Wiig. We adore her (who doesn’t?) and immediately agreed on her immense dramatic potential (“Wiig seems destined for an Oscar nom someday,” were … Get hard

Salma Hayek Unleashes Crazy Revenge In Joe Lynch’s “Everly”

It brings me great joy to see Salma Hayek at the center of a crazy revenge thriller. But it’s unfortunate she finds herself in Everly, a movie that substitutes nearly everything with violence. For the last four years, Everly has been enslaved (and likely worse) in an apartment run by … Get hard

Jonah Hill & James Franco Can’t Escape Personas in Heavy-Handed “True Story”

When you’re describing a movie that stars Jonah Hill and James Franco, your mind automatically goes to Knocked Up or This is the End. As you watch True Story, you’ll be mostly wishing you were watching either one of those. You get the overwhelming sense that Jonah Hill wants you … Get hard

IFFLA: The Culture of Winning Proves Insurmountable In “Miss India America”

This past weekend, the IFFLA (Indian Film Festival of LA) took over the ArcLight in Hollywood for five days of Indian filmmaking. The festival proves that there’s more to Indian cinema than Bollywood, with a dazzling array of premieres, galas, Q&A’s, shorts and yes, classic Bollywood movies (I discovered and … Get hard

Amid the Crazy, “Broken Horses” Features a Touching Story of Brotherhood

You ever see a movie where you think you’re the only one who likes it? That’s the way I felt about Broken Horses. Though apparently I shouldn’t feel so alone. Here’s one of the quotes adorned on its movie poster: “Beautifully written, acted and imaged. This film wraps slowly around … Get hard

Watch Simon Pegg As A Hit-Man in Aussie Thriller “Kill Me Three Times”

I only saw Kill Me Three Times for one reason: to watch Simon Pegg playing a more or less serious hitman. It’s the same reason you should, too. You get the feeling that they offered Simon Pegg to come to Australia and play, and who would turn that down? Especially when you … Get hard

The Two-Faced Noah Baumbach Comedy-Drama “While We’re Young” Breaks The Hipster Scale

I’m 26 and have been out of college for longer than I was actually in it, yet feel no closer to being an adult, even as gray hairs increasingly color my beard. I know this isn’t a unique feeling, and it’s one of many themes explored in While We’re Young, … Get hard

Oscar Isaac Overpowers Artificial Intelligence, Movies in “Ex Machina”

The notion of artificial intelligence has been fodder for science fiction films since 2001, but it’s unsurprisingly become the topic du jour in cinemas as the real world comes increasingly close to achieving it. So far it’s been a mixed bag, with Her, The Machine, Chappie and Transcendence, and the … Get hard