There Is No Escape From Yourself in “Queen of Earth”

Sometime last year, on a lark, I went on an audition for a small play opening in a black box theatre on Santa Monica in Hollywood. The bizarre experience is another story, but in addition to a line reading, we had to fill out a short bio. One of the … Get hard

Sundance NEXT FEST: Take a Gripping, Stressful, Joy Ride With “Cop Car”

Inbetween the internet’s collective groaning about another Spider-Man reboot were whispers about the man chosen to direct it: little known director Jon Watts (The Onion News Network). Who? Anyone who sees Cop Car will no longer ask that question, because Watts is the talented writer-director of the taut thriller Cop Car, and afterwards, in spite of … Get hard

Sean Baker’s i-Opening “Tangerine” is Transcendent Filmmaking

Every time a new show or movie is set in Los Angeles, I groan. Haven’t we seen that? Most movies are already made in Los Angeles; do they also all need to take place there too? Rest assured we have never seen the side of Hollywood shown in Sean Baker’s … Get hard

Los Angeles Film Festival 2015: Andy Whitfield, Hong Kong, Mark Ruffalo & Anna Camp

Over the past week or so, indie film has taken over the LA LIVE theater in downtown Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Film Festival, featuring screenings, galas, Q&A’s and roundtable panels (“Coffee Talks”) that provide a snapshot of some of the more captivating under-the-radar films to look forward to over the rest of 2015 … Get hard

“Welcome to Happiness” Review [Dances With Films Festival]

Is there anything worse than regret? Our life is a jumble of regrets, and whether you own a “No Regrets” bumper sticker or tattoo or mantra, it’s nearly impossible to live up to it. Regret can be overwhelming. Regrets can cripple us with indecision, forcing us to look backward rather … Get hard

Kit Harington On “Game of Thrones,” “Testament of Youth” and Type-Casting

“I think there’s something weird going on with music at the moment,” Kit Harington muses, lowering his voice an octave, as if talking to himself and not a cadre of reporters recording his every word. Jon Snow has just discovered Spotify. He continues, leaning forward: “And I’m part of it. … Get hard

“Testament of Youth” Review: Alicia Vikander Is Your Next Massive Star

Filmmakers generally focus their powers upon the evils of World War II, granted with the blindingly obvious demarcation between good and evil. Too few films tackle World War I, a time when global conflict still felt heroic, and the after-effects of which directly caused the suffering and horrors of WWII. … Get hard