“The Hallow” Continues Gnarly Indie Horror Trend

I got a late start to the horror game. When I was younger, I was derisive of the genre, which is code for being too chicken shit to explore it. Sure, I grew up watching Universal horror with my father and Uncle, but it wasn’t until the past couple years … Get hard

Horror-Western “Bone Tomahawk” Ushers in the Wondrous Winter of Kurt Russell

You’d be hard-pressed to find two more misunderstood genres than the horror and western. The former is often (and unfairly) seen as schlock, a cheap studio stunt for cash. The latter is seen as a long since dead genre, a relic of Classic Hollywood, despite Django Unchained, Deadwood, Meek’s Cutoff … Get hard

You Won’t Be Able to Escape “Room” or Its Transcendant Stars

When I was a kid, I spent an inordinate amount of time in my weird salt and pepper carpeted room. I would play with my action figures all day, narrating their battles, recreating scenes from comic books, cartoons and movies in glorious mash-up fashion, throwing them to and from the … Get hard

Joshua Jackson Tackles the Truth in “The Affair” Season 2

I met Pacey. This past summer I was granted the opportunity to cover a few panels at the TCA’s, the Television Critics Association’s never-ending trolley of gift bags, unhealthy food and forced awkward panels discussing the new and old shows coming this fall: The Muppets! The Walking Dead Grey’s Anatomy! Tyra Banks’ Fab Life, … Get hard

National Lampoon Doc “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead” Provides Origin Story for Modern Comedy

Toward the end of Douglas Tirola’s Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead, a documentary unraveling the fascinating story of National Lampoon magazine, Judd Apatow makes a comment that had become clear through the proceedings: the humor, satire and bite from National Lampoon became “all of modern comedy.” Many comedy fans will point to the beginning … Get hard