Why high school Spider-Man is great

My good friend David posted a well-reasoned column “What’s so great about high school Spider-Man?” last week, which you should read here before reading this rebuttal because, well, that’s how these things work. So go do that. … OK, welcome back. And for those of you who can’t follow instructions, … Get hard

The Two-Faced Noah Baumbach Comedy-Drama “While We’re Young” Breaks The Hipster Scale

I’m 26 and have been out of college for longer than I was actually in it, yet feel no closer to being an adult, even as gray hairs increasingly color my beard. I know this isn’t a unique feeling, and it’s one of many themes explored in While We’re Young, … Get hard

Oscar Isaac Overpowers Artificial Intelligence, Movies in “Ex Machina”

The notion of artificial intelligence has been fodder for science fiction films since 2001, but it’s unsurprisingly become the topic du jour in cinemas as the real world comes increasingly close to achieving it. So far it’s been a mixed bag, with Her, The Machine, Chappie and Transcendence, and the … Get hard

“White God”: The Dystopian Dog Horror Movie From Your Worst Nightmare

When crafting a list of my most anticipated sci-fi/fantasy films of 2015, I naively listed White God, because it was described thusly on io9: A young girl is separated from her dog, who searches the city for his lost owner — but when that fails, the dog leads an army … Get hard

March Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs, Round 1!

Do you enjoy all the tournament madness of the NCAA Basketball Championships, but wish there were a version that replaced sports with some of your favorite pop culture loves from childhood? Then you’re in luck, because we’re following up last year’s Muppets and Harry Potter tournaments with a new March … Get hard

“WolfCop” Is Everything You Want It To Be

Before we had popped WolfCop into the Blu-Ray player, it already had one of the all-time great movie titles, blessed with an even better slogan: “Half man. Half wolf. All cop.” Little did we know that, as a ripoff of the Charmed theme song played over the opening credits, we had stumbled … Get hard

My First (And Last) CSI Experience: “CSI: Cyber” Pilot Review

In nearly 27 years of existence, I’ve never watched an episode of any Crime Scene Investigation in its entirety. I’m not sure how that’s even possible, and it might not even be true (I may have tried CSI: NY‘s pilot because Gary Sinise), but I consider it one of my crowning pop culture achievements. … Get hard

“’71” Is The First Must See Movie of 2015

When I visited Belfast a couple years ago, I was struck not just by its beauty and industrial history, but by the uneasiness that hung in the air. The tension from The Troubles lurked over the place like fog. Tragedy and bloodshed felt fresh, like the city still had an … Get hard