March Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs, Round 1!

Do you enjoy all the tournament madness of the NCAA Basketball Championships, but wish there were a version that replaced sports with some of your favorite pop culture loves from childhood? Then you’re in luck, because we’re following up last year’s Muppets and Harry Potter tournaments with a new March … Get hard

Muppets March Madness, Round 3

To see how close the voting was in Round 2, plus YouTube tributes to our fallen Muppets, click here. Here’s what the bracket looks like now: . It’s clear that no one is safe now, as we vote to determine who will make up the Muppet Final Four. Kermit or Swedish … Get hard

March Madness Drinking Game

College is all about binge drinking. Why can’t college basketball be? 2014’s March Madness begins today, and we’ve already seen buckets full of excitement. While Gus Johnson’s departure from CBS has made the world a sad/worse place, and made drinking games harder to craft, it’s still time to celebrate underage drinking, … Get hard