March Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs, Round 3


Things are really heating up in the tournament. Our last round had eight matches, and six of them ended separated by five votes or fewer, including one match that was decided by a single vote. So keep your votes coming in the polls at the end of this post. Your single vote will probably never matter in a presidential election, but in March Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs? Here, YOU have the power.

So here are our final Round 2 results:

The Oldies regional

(8) Underdog (53%) defeated (5) Inspector Gadget (47%)

(2) Scooby Doo (77%) defeated (3) Smurfs (23%)

The Heroes regional

(8) Batman: The Animated Series (59%) defeated (5) Transformers (41%)

(2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (53%) defeated (3) X-Men 47%

The WarnerDisneys regional

(1) Animaniacs (54%) defeated (4) Pinky and the Brain (46%)

(2) DuckTales (51%) defeated (6) TaleSpin (49%) (by one vote!)

The Millennials regional

(1) Pokemon (54%) defeated (4) Doug (46%)

(2) SpongeBob Squarepants (52%) defeated (3) PowerPuff Girls (48%)

Our resulting bracket:

Cartoon Theme Song March Madness Round 3

We’re left with two 8 seeds, two 1 seeds, and all four 2 seeds. Your voting windows are:

Round 3 (Round of 8): Thursday, March 26 – Sunday, March 29

Round 4 (Final 4): Monday, March 30 – Wednesday, April 1

Round 5 (Championship Match): Thursday, April 2 – Sunday, April 5

So start voting. The fate of the Final Four is in your hands.

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