Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Unparalleled Talent Lives On In “A Most Wanted Man”

A MOST WANTED MAN will be forever known as Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last lead role, a fact that comes with a lot of pressure, baggage and scrutiny, fair or not. Thankfully, the movie is mostly worthy of the attention, because of a overwhelmingly talented cast that embolden a politically incisive, intricate … Get hard

Rowan Atkinson Needs His Own TV Show

More than ever, TV is filled with the very best stars of Hollywood, whether they be up and comers, mainstream stars, or actors hoping for a resurgence. Twenty years ago, actors of the caliber of Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Steve Buscemi, Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels, Claire Danes, Robin Wright, Sally … Get hard