“Ping Pong Summer” Is Every 80’s Coming-of-Age Movie Combined, And Kinda Wonderful Anyway

You’ve seen PING PONG SUMMER before, loads of times, but Michael Tully’s new 80’s coming-of-age teen comedy still has enough heart and talent to justify revisiting that skin-crawling period of adolescence we’ve all gone through. Rad Miracle (yes, that’s his name) is a parachute pant wearing poster child for the … Get hard

Andy-ventures: “A Field In England” Without Shrooms

During the fateful first get together of the Writer’s Meeting in Burbank (a group now forever known as “Hear Me Out, Bro!”), one of my friends brought up the film A FIELD IN ENGLAND. I had heard of the movie, as it played at the Beyond Fest, which means one … Get hard