“Ping Pong Summer” Is Every 80’s Coming-of-Age Movie Combined, And Kinda Wonderful Anyway

You’ve seen PING PONG SUMMER before, loads of times, but Michael Tully’s new 80’s coming-of-age teen comedy still has enough heart and talent to justify revisiting that skin-crawling period of adolescence we’ve all gone through. Rad Miracle (yes, that’s his name) is a parachute pant wearing poster child for the … Get hard

7 Moments in Movie Wish Fulfillment: Telling Someone Off

This is a guest post from writer Lindsay Street of the incredibly creative and enlightening FRENCH TOAST SUNDAY. Maybe it’s telling off a bully or quitting your job but whatever your fantasy, there are plenty of movie moments that magically pinpoint something you wish you could pull off in real life. … Get hard