Hermione Granger’s One Shining Moment

[adrotate banner=”29″] Sixty four characters from J.K. Rowling’s life defining series of books (and the films that WB lovingly adapted) made it through the Goblet of Fire. Unless you’re Crabbe and Goyle (and shame on you if you are), everyone that made it into this March Madness-style Triwizard Tournament received … Get hard

The Finals: Fred & George Weasley vs. Hermione Granger

[adrotate banner=”16″] It’s all come down to this. After a torturous tournament run that can only be described as Azkabanian (I’d rather have taken my N.E.W.T.’s), twothree wizards remain. Fred and George Weasley, the twin champions of comedy, took out Harry Potter himself (“We got Potter! We got Potter!”), en … Get hard

Harry Potter And The March Madness Triwizard Tournament, Elite 8

[adrotate banner=”16″] Only eight witches and wizards remain in this crazed March Madness-style tournament of HARRY POTTER characters. Allow me to illuminate the bracket for you. LUMOS! None of the survivors are Ron Weasley. If there was one person I’m fine with one of the all-time greats losing to, it’s his dear … Get hard

Harry Potter And The March Madness Triwizard Tournament, Sweet 16

[adrotate banner=”16″] The first two rounds of our March Madness style Harry Potter bracket has been fun, mildly diverting. Relatively easy. It was like remedial potions. Now the bracket looks like this (click on the image to make it larger): Now it gets brutal. Sirius. Like cruciatus curse painful. It’s … Get hard

Harry Potter And Round 2 Of The March Madness Triwizard Tournament

[adrotate banner=”13″] On Monday, we launched the first round of the March Madness-style HARRY POTTER themed bracket. After four days of routs, combined with a few upsets (Oliver Wood for Prime Minister) that Professor Trelawney likely could have predicted in her sleep (which is how she does her predictions), NOW … Get hard

Harry Potter And The Unforgivable Bracket Results, Round 1 [Updated]

[adrotate banner=”15″] This past Monday, this silly HP-themed bracket was launched on this website that, I’ll tell ya, doesn’t pay well. We’re officially through with the opening round, with Round 2 kicking off NOW. To vote, GO HERE. Over the course of the tournament, I, your thrilling/but totally bored host, … Get hard

[Updated] Harry Potter And The March Madness Triwizard Tournament

[adrotate banner=”69″] To many, J.K. Rowling’s magical book series, and WB’s 8-film franchise was their everything. On July 21st, 2007, the final chapter, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS came out in the UK and the U.S. On July 15th, 2011, the film series unveiled its last hurrah, seemingly putting a … Get hard

Lee Jordan And The Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Bracketology

Blessed with an abundance of time on my hands after PotterWatch (thankfully) no longer needed managing, I thought I might lend my commentary to this silly March Madness-style bracket (above). VOTE HERE. Who’s a sleeper? Who will the glass slippers fit; who are the Cinderellas of the Yule Ball? WHO … Get hard