“The Mule” Is The Best Movie About Constipation Ever Made

Well, except for this Czech Activia ad or this French Dulcolax spot, but it’s just as uncomfortable. And it’s 100 minutes long, rather than a 30 second commercial. Unless you love poop dramas, you’re checking out The Mule for its cast, a fun mix of Australian’s finest. You’re coming to see John Noble crunch dialogue … Get hard

WonderCon 2014: Panel & Pilot Recap for WGN’s “Salem”

Convention season is upon us (does it ever end?), and my first panel for the WonderCon extravaganza is for WGN’s Salem. I have no idea if people even get WGN, since as far as I know it is a Chicago-based network that airs Cubs games, but you’re not a television network if … Get hard