Movie Drinking Game: “Rock-A-Doodle” Edition


In a decade dominated by classic animated tales of love, heartbreak and song, it’s easy to forget ROCK-A-DOODLE (1991), a musical fable that features all three in giant doses.

The film comes from Don Bluth, who isn’t a member of the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT family but the director who shaped an entire generation’s childhood. This man was granted the arduous task of following Walt Disney, and ended up directing AN AMERICAN TAIL. THE LAND BEFORE TIME. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. THUMBELINA. A TROLL IN CENTRAL PARK. ANASTASIA. Hell, even TITAN A.E. (which should totally be enjoyed with some magic brownies). The man is a legend, an under-appreciated conductor of childhood reverie. College age students everywhere pop in their VHS tapes ironically and get hammered to these films, while younger generations hopefully get to discover them every year. Because they’re worthy.

ROCK-A-DOODLE, for those that don’t know, or can’t guess by the title, is about a rollicking rooster by the name of Chanticleer, with the power to bring the sun up every morning through his pulse-pounding vocals. This doesn’t suit the Grand Duke of Owls or his people, as they prefer…the darkness (yay nocturnal animals). Enter in Edmund, some dopey kid who gets turned into a cat (?!) who has to find Chanticleer and bring back the sun, lest the world be shrouded in blackness, permanently. Deep stuff.

And hey! It’s even got a babe:


So now, let’s bring you to the MOVIE DRINKING GAME rules of conduct, Chanti-beer edition.


1. Drink every time someone says “Chanticleer.” Sorry in advance.

2. Drink every time anyone says “Rock-A-Doodle.” I’d take a bit bigger sip if it’s sung. The opening scene sets the tone:

3. Take a sip for every musical number!

4. Whenever the Grand Duke (Christopher Plummer) terrifies you, drink. This will likely be every time you see him. Some evidence:

5. Drink whenever the film goes from live action to cartoon.

6. Take a shot when you see an owl play an organ. It only happens once, but it’s worth celebrating.


7. Gulp for whenever Rock-A-Doodle is an Elvis knock off.


8. Sip for whenever the Grand Duke’s nephew Hunch (above) screws up something/sucks.

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly (and if you play this, go with beer). It’s easy to get carried away to the incredible voice stylings of Glen Campbell, and this movie is not for the faint of heart. Or for those suffering from ornithophobia.

To play along, watch the full movie online:

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