On the heels of Sony’s latest announcement regarding an upcoming superheroine film with a 2017 release date, I stumbled onto an article on that asked their staff to come up with what heroines they’d like to see on screen. The article was divided into self-explanatory groupings “The Femmes” and … Get hard

Movie Drinking Game: “Fast & Furious 6”

I’ll admit, I’m probably the wrong one to write any post on the FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise. I watched the first one in the prime age of when I should love it (13-14), and didn’t really get it (though I appreciated the boobs). The only thing it did was … Get hard

BLACK WIDOW: Rise of the Heroine?

A BLACK WIDOW film has been… listed. Not “announced” per say, but it has its own IMDb page so gosh golly gee, it must be true! We, the people, have been surrounded by every superhero imaginable for years now (how many versions of Batman and Superman have we suffered through … Get hard

A Swiss Girl Named Maggie (And Some Other Stuff)

Day 4, October 14th, 2011. This morning I woke up and had coffee (meaning she had coffee and I had nothing) with a fairly attractive Swiss girl named Maggie. No big deal. She had to go meet a local friend, and I had whatever it is I had planned that day … Get hard