Bite-Size Binge: Lev Grossman’s “The Magicians” Trilogy

When The Magicians first came to me, it was a world post-Harry Potter. The last two movies had yet to come out, and I was clinging on to them like they were the last vestiges of my childhood. Because they were, along with Bandit, my stubbornly mortal border collie. Harry Potter was and … Get hard

Fan Friction: Book Fanatics Gone Wrong

Vote in our Harry Potter bracket. My biggest problem with movie adaptations of great books (or really any books) isn’t the possibility that the filmmakers might ruin the plot or characters, or that they simply won’t create a faithful adaptation, it’s the batshit crazy bookfans that come along with the … Get hard

Oxford: The Aroma of Academia

Day 6, October 16th, 2011. Slang of the Day: grog. Origin: Australia. Definition: anything with alcohol in it. Used in a sentence:I drank so much grog last night that it made me wanna snog anything with elbows. Apparently I remembered more of the previous night than I do now after consulting … Get hard