Fan Friction: Twilight vs. Fangirls

I am a fangirl. I am a fan, and I am a girl. When the term “fangirl” started to mean an obsessive, crazed (and often psychotic) constantly crying screwball who-gets-Edward-Cullen-tattooed-on-their-ass I’m not quite sure, but I am and always have been a fangirl. While it seems that the fangirl culture … Get hard

Nerds and Fanboys and Geeks, Oh my!

The terms “nerd” and “fanboy” have started to lose all meaning amongst pop culture fanatics. They used to signify a certain type of person: insanely smart or ridiculously obsessed with something, but now they’ve become synonymous with “geek.” The nerds are fanboys and fanboys are geeks, and all three are … Get hard