Muppets March Madness: CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND

And so, it all comes down to this. The Muppets were created in 1955, and nearly 60 years later, we’re about to definitively determine which one is the absolute greatest; this is obviously a fully scientific process that will present an undisputed champion. Your final two Muppets are: Animal vs. Beaker … Get hard

Muppets March Madness: The Final Four

32 Muppets entered, and only four remain. Your Muppets Final Four are: The Round 3 results were: (2) Swedish Chef (54.5%) defeats (1) Kermit (45.5%) (2) Animal (50.8%) defeats (4) Rizzo (49.2%) (2) Beaker (58.9%) defeats (1) Fozzie (41.1%) (2) Statler & Waldorf (61%) defeat (1) Gonzo (39%) Fozzie is … Get hard