Muppets March Madness: The Final Four

32 Muppets entered, and only four remain. Your Muppets Final Four are:

Muppets March Madness Final Four

The Round 3 results were:

(2) Swedish Chef (54.5%) defeats (1) Kermit (45.5%)

(2) Animal (50.8%) defeats (4) Rizzo (49.2%)

(2) Beaker (58.9%) defeats (1) Fozzie (41.1%)

(2) Statler & Waldorf (61%) defeat (1) Gonzo (39%)

Fozzie is out, which means I hate you all, but by all means, keep voting below.

This round will end Thursday night, with the Championship starting on Friday.

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  1. David Youngblood

    Tribute videos for the deafeated Muppets:




    Sorry, wrong video. Try this one:

    Whoops, missed again. Here’s Fozzie:

    Poor Fozzie. He should have won just on the strength of the Atomic Energy Commission.


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