Like Life, “Mommy” Transcends The Misery

This isn’t an easy movie. It’s not supposed to be, and more movies should be like Mommy, even if the experience is terrifying, uncomfortable and miserable. It’s also hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring, sometimes in spite of yourself. The film itself is fearless, even if its characters are consumed by it. … Get hard

Timothy Spall Shines In “Mr. Turner,” A Two And A Half Hour Ode to Human Flatulence

Every couple years, director Mike Leigh (Another Year; Vera Drake) delivers a delightfully British drama, oftentimes mined from history (Topsy-Turvy). This year brings Mr. Turner, a dour biopic illuminating the life of Joseph Mallard William Turner, one of the finest landscape painters (with a nautical obsession; Orlando Bloom’s character name … Get hard

Revenge Opens Pandora’s Box in Gritty, Old School “Blue Ruin”

We know that revenge never ends well, but we never cease seeking it, and films love depicting it. It’s always captivating to witness a plan unravel, for a character to go too far, for untold consequences to unfold when someone does what we’re ashamed to fantasize about, let alone actually … Get hard