Exclusive Interview With Jason Anarchy, Creator of Drinking Quest


In 1974, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s tabletop role playing game was published. That game was DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, perhaps one of the most influential creations in the realm of fantasy and nerd-dom, ever. 40 years later, and D&D is still a cultural staple and just as popular, with hundreds of knock-offs.

In 2011, Jason Anarchy revolutionized the world of twenty sided dice by adding booze to the mix, with the first tabletop RPG and drinking game…in DRINKING QUEST. In this “Drunken Middle Earth,” pals enter a new, snarky world, where their deaths are rewarded with tankards of ale.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Jason about DRINKING QUEST’s inception, future projects (comics! more games! secrets!), his drink of choice, and proved that I’m more of an alcoholic than the guy who created “DRINKING QUEST” by my line of questioning.


7 INCHES: How drunk were you when you came up with the idea for DRINKING QUEST?

Jason: I was fairly drunk but it was actually a buddy of mine that suggested combining two things that I was commonly doing already (Creating RPG game systems and drinking with my friends).

7 INCHES: Are your parents proud of your accomplishments? Have they ever played DRINKING QUEST?

Jason: No parental plays yet, I don’t really come from an RPG or drinking family. My family is proud even though they don’t “get” the idea.

7 INCHES: What drink(s) do you recommend pairing with a game of DRINKING QUEST? Does it change depending upon your character? [Sidenote: You should totally brew DRINKING QUEST themed meads]

Jason: Drink whatever is a safe amount for you. A safe amount of something you like drinking. I’m a whiskey guy myself. I’d definitely be open to the idea of a Drinking Quest mead. We could just put a picture of my biceps on the bottle.


7 INCHES: For those that have never played DRINKING QUEST, how would you describe the world and the game play?

Jason: It plays like a stripped down Dungeons & Dragons. You have a character, you’re fighting monsters and finding treasures… but when your character dies in the game you have to chug your drink in real life. It really adds a new connection to your character since you’re on the hook to chug your drink.

7 INCHES: When playing DRINKING QUEST, what kind of music or movie do you recommend playing in the background? If your answer isn’t CONAN, I’m going to be upset.

Jason: Mostly punk rock but I do have a master instrumental list that has the 1982 Conan the Barbarian soundtrack on it. J Basil Poledouris made a perfect soundtrack for a perfect movie.


7 INCHES: DRINKING QUEST is making the leap from tabletop RPG game to comic book! Boner inspiring stuff. How did that come about, and what can you tell us about the project? When is it being released?!

Jason: I’m extremely inverted by nature (but pretty extroverted when it comes to nerdy stuff) so I have a lot of hobbies. I’m a big fan of tabletop gaming, comic books and punk rock.

Making a comic was a natural progression since I had the world built and a lot of story left to tell. The Drinking Quest games are told in loose story fragments like LOST or PULP FICTION. With a comic book I could tell a longer, linear story and really expand the world.

It’s really funny stuff. There’s lots of Drinking and Questing and also a hidden attempt to connect with the reader (Much like the game series!).

7 INCHES: You’re available to play DRINKING QUEST via Skype with those that pay you extra coin, which makes you a prostitute. Do you have any embarrassing Skype stories through this agreement?

Jason: They’re always bachelor parties so I’m basically sworn to secrecy. They have been consistently awesome and everyone seems to have a great time. I’ve legitimately made lots of new friends this way even if it began with me charging to be a professional person to drink with.

I had to raise the price at one point to curb demand [now $150]… it was interfering with everything else I was doing to run Drinking Quest 🙂

 7 INCHES: What’s the drunkest you’ve ever gotten while playing DRINKING QUEST?

Jason: Generally, Drinking Quest is a lighter drinking game so my heaviest drinking stories usually don’t involve my own game. However there was one night where I tried to play all three games consecutively with the dudes from the DnDUI podcast… that night was messy and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing that.



7 INCHES:What character(s) do you most identify with? What character do you wish you were?

Jason: Strangely I identify with nearly all the characters. I try and put as many of my positive and negative attributes into the game as possible.

There are moments when I’m Chuglox and there are moments when I’m the Annoying Sidekick. I think people can relate to the game in a strange way because there is a heavier authorial voice than most tabletop games would have.

 7 INCHES: When are you going to make an EATING QUEST game, and can I be a part of it (I want 43%)?

I’ve got this awesome game where I’m normally more of a workoholic than alcoholic and whenver my body starts groaning I hit up the McDonalds drive-thru and buy two McDoubles with only cheese. I call this game RAMMING MCDOUBLES. Because you’re ramming them into your face as fast as possible just for basic sustenance so you can get back to work.  #RammingMcDoubles is also a great Twitter hashtag.

As for EATING QUEST… people like food. It could work.

7 INCHES: Has there ever been an impromptu strip-DRINKING QUEST game? Follow up question: has DRINKING QUEST gotten you any dates?

I usually rely on my freakishly large biceps to get dates. I’ve never played strip Drinking Quest but I’m open-minded.

7 INCHES: You’re Canadian. What’s that like?

Jason: Harsh climate, nice maple syrup, colourful money.


7 INCHES: Do you play any other drinking games, or would that feel like cheating on DRINKING QUEST?

Jason: I made Drinking Quest to appeal to the version of myself when I was in college… I hope this doesn’t crush anyone’s opinion of me but I don’t play a lot of drinking games currently. I can play Drinking Quest because it’s a lighter drinking game but most drinking games are horribly imbalanced and I’m passed out after 15 minutes.

7 INCHES: Obligatory Meta Question: Have you ever had friends playing drinking games TO people playing Drinking Quest? Every time somebody chugs their drink you have to chug your drink?

Jason: Stranger things have happened.

7 INCHES: How does it feel to make a living off of your alcoholism?

Jason: Everyone sees the Drinking, nobody sees the Quest.


7 INCHES: What exciting projects are coming next within the DRINKING QUEST realm?

Jason: I have a comic book coming out in May and then a SUPER HUGE AWESOME GAME PROJECT that I can’t publicly talk about now. Hit me up for an interview again if you see a major announcement.

7 INCHES: Who would you Fuck, Marry and Kill: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and GURPS?

Jason: I would marry Dungeons & Dragons because it’s been there for me longer than the others.

I would f— Pathfinder because it’s young and sexy.

I guess I would kill GURPS because I don’t know what it is and it sounds contagious.

To order Drinking Quest 1 ($20 CAD plus shipping), Drinking Quest 2 ($20 plus shipping), Drinking Quest 3 (ditto) or all of the above ($55 CAD plus shipping), or for more information on the ORIGINAL tabletop RPG drinking game, please visit DrinkingQuest.com.


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