March(ish) Madness: Cartoon Theme Songs, CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND


I remember going to a pond as a kid to feed the ducks. Tearing off little pieces of bread, tossing them into the water where a group of ducks eagerly awaited the snack. Then one of the crumbs was snatched up from beneath the water’s surface, and I realized a turtle had also come to feed. Delighted, I threw the next piece of bread directly at the turtle, only to see it caught in midair by a determined duck who had no intention of losing his meal to a damn turtle.

Turtles and ducks. Enemies for life.

And so, it comes down to this. Thirty-two theme songs entered, and only two remain in our April March Madness bracket. Here were the results in the Final Four:

(2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (56%) beat (2) Scooby Doo (44%)

(2) DuckTales (51%) beat (1) Pokemon (49%)

TMNT won with minimal drama, but DuckTales and Pokemon were close throughout the voting window, with neither song ever leading by more than a few votes. In the end, it was DuckTales by a single vote, the third straight round in which it escaped by that margin. Can it take down TMNT, which has mostly coasted through in relative comfort?

Here’s our final bracket to bring us to this point:

Cartoon Theme Song March Madness Round 5

And here’s your final voting window:

Round 5 (Championship Match): Thursday, April 2 – Sunday, April 5

So this is it. The inevitable climax to a weeks-long tournament that has pitted friends, neighbors, and loved ones against each other in fierce disagreement. Well, I mean, maybe it has; it might have just resulted in a few polite differences of opinion. BUT EITHER WAY, this is the end. Vote with conviction. Tell your friends and family to vote for your choice. Refresh and vote again. Only one cartoon theme song can reign supreme, and only you can decide which one it shall be.

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