A Swiss Girl Named Maggie (And Some Other Stuff)

Day 4, October 14th, 2011. This morning I woke up and had coffee (meaning she had coffee and I had nothing) with a fairly attractive Swiss girl named Maggie. No big deal. She had to go meet a local friend, and I had whatever it is I had planned that day … Get hard

I Took My First Dump In England Today

Day 3: October 13th, 2011. It’s a weird and horrible feeling to wake up not knowing where you’ll be sleeping next, and that’s the first inkling I got that what I’m doing the next few months is basically being a glorified homeless person, or at least one going from one soup … Get hard

Departure/Arrival (Part 1)

Day 1-2, October 11-12th, 2011. Immediately, the trip has paid off. I’m in the isle seat next to two girls traveling together to Iceland for some behemoth Bjork concert. I summon my inner Hugh Grant, relishing in the serendipity, about to compliment their tookuses (can you pluralize tookus?) when I realize … Get hard