Bye Bye Ireland

Day 36: Tuesday November 15th, 2011

We got ready and was off to Tralee, where we dropped off the rental car and got on the bus to Limerick, and then Dublin.

On the ride to Limerick we wrote an awful limerick that I can’t find anywhere in my notes, so when Riley sends it to me, I’ll post it. But don’t hold your breath, it’s not very good. But then again, limericks aren’t really supposed to be.

While pulling into Limerick, we met a very social and talkative Irish gentleman named Billy, who LOVED America, and was especially interested in our politics (as usual, people in Europe know more about our country than we do). He invited us on a mini tour of Limerick before our bus into Dublin. We would’ve done it, but the left baggage area was closed. Sad. But next time I’m in Limerick, I’m hitting Billy up (we’re FB official).

Once in Dublin, I checked into the OTHER Paddy’s Palace and told them to get on their shit. Riley went home to her “Irish family” that was letting her stay during the wedding, but we made plans to go out on the town later that night.
I had three mini baguettes and jalapeno and red pepper hummus (eventually I’ll be tired of baguettes) for the dinner of champions and checked in to my flight for the next day.

I met Riley and Jake at a couple bars. Jake was a young fellow from the Irish family she was staying with, and was a great guy. Very nice and actually interested in my whole sports/writing college conundrum. It was a low key, quiet night, with a couple Guinness and a brown ale at Maguire’s Brewpub that was quite delicious. I think I was prepared to go nuts my last day of Ireland, but that wasn’t the mood, and that’s probably a good thing.

Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye. It was sad, even though I had known Riley for less than two days. I hope I see her again or at least one of her documentaries, and hope she enjoyed Dingle and my company half as much as I enjoyed hers.

That night, I’m forced to fall asleep with the lights on while a drawling Tennesseean and an Aussie (interesting accent clash) talk about Jesus and girls. It doesn’t matter. I’m out in minutes.
Next: I finally make it to the European continent. TO AMSTERDAM!

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  1. Great blog Andy, look forward to seeing you in Limerick sometime!

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