A Lazy Day in Pibrac

Day 49: Monday November 28th, 2011

I slept in till about 11:30 in the morning, probably the latest I’ve slept since my partying in Oxford. It felt amazing. Sylvie said she forgot how it was like living with teenagers. I’m 23, thank you very much. I just haven’t grown much.

I met their son, who had come back from school to play videogames, apparently. So he hadn’t grown up much either. He wasn’t a very talkative bloke, so I raided their kitchen for fruit, juice and quiche, and watched him play some awesome looking medieval game.

This was another writing day for me, but around midday I went on a mini exploration of Pibrac. I basically saw the whole town in an hour, walking past the school, the pubs, the shops, and probably saw three people. Like any self-respecting European town (it doesn’t matter how tiny), it had two churches, one named after Saint Germaine Cousin, a Pibrac native, but they didn’t look open or that they wanted to be disturbed. Then I walked up to the Chateau de Pibrac, which was a converted castle that reminded me of the villa in Godfather. Basically, it’s a delightful little village.

Then I walked around the woods beside their house and up to the train tracks, and back to writing. This was basically when I did most of my blog stuff to this point, which was really nice to chill out.

For dinner we had stir fry veggies (I need to eat as a guest more often, because normally I’d say no, but I had 3 portions with Sylvie and Augustin), salad and amazing duck. They fed me very well. I also had some wine. Fuck yes.
I went to bed early after some reading because I had a long travel day tomorrow.

NEXT: The exact opposite of Pibrac. Barcelona!

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